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Netflix and Amazon face quota on EU-made content

(Media Release) On-demand video streaming services face a call that at least 20% of the catalogues they offer to EU subscribers should be made locally. The European Commission has also proposed that the programming must be given “good visibility”. It says there are cultural benefits to the move, which would affect Netflix and Amazon Prime […]

EU to make big firms come clean on tax

(Media Release) Plans to force the largest companies to disclose more about their tax affairs will be unveiled by the European Union on Tuesday. The rules will affect multinational firms with more than €750m in sales. They will have to detail how much tax they pay in which EU countries as well as any activities […]

Panama Papers: How assets are hidden and taxes dodged

(Media Release) The revelations in the millions of papers leaked from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca uncovering a suspected money laundering ring run by close associates of Vladimir Putin may leave readers drowning in a sea of confusing terms and phrases. Although there are legitimate ways of using tax havens, most of what has […]

Safe Harbour: Tech firms shudder as watchdogs meet

(Media Release) A meeting of EU data watchdogs is set to have wide-ranging ramifications for the way businesses handle data. Regulators need to decide how to act in light of a court ruling last year that invalidated the Safe Harbour agreement with the US. The pact made it relatively easy for companies to send personal […]

Migrant crisis: ‘EU cannot take any more refugees’

(Media Release) European countries cannot accept any more refugees, the French prime minister has been quoted as saying. Manuel Valls said stricter control of the EU’s external borders would determine the bloc’s fate, in comments published by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Europe’s border controls have come under renewed scrutiny since the attacks in Paris on 13 […]

Greece debt crisis: Bailout deal at a glance

(Media Release) After some 17 hours of summit talks eurozone leaders announced a new deal to rescue Greece – a third bailout. There are still significant hurdles to clear, however. And after months of argument and delay between the Greek government and the lenders, the eurozone wants the new sense of urgency to be maintained. […]

Greece PM addresses Europe after ‘final deadline’ issued

(Media Release) Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will address the European Parliament on Wednesday after European leaders gave his debt-stricken country a final deadline to reach a new bailout deal and avoid crashing out of the euro. Greek leaders must submit detailed reform plans by Thursday to win the fresh bailout funds the country needs […]

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