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Equities Preferred Constituent of the US HNW Investment Portfolio : Ken Research

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by       Press Release Distribution High net worth (HNW) investors represent 30% of all population out of which only 15% are millennial in the US. Almost 89% of the HNW investors have developed their own wealth rather than inheriting it from their ancestors while 80% use online services for their […]

What to do with your extra cash

(Media Release) Q: I am turning 30 this year and make around $60,000 a year and was wondering what the best thing to do with some extra money is? I have $10,000 saved in an emergency fund sitting in a high-interest bank account at my bank, so I am covered in case of emergency. Is this the […]

Oil Prices Are Down, So Why Are We Paying More for Gas?

(Media Release) Even while oil prices remain in freefall, Canadian motorists are paying more at the pump. Drivers should be frustrated. In spite of the fact that crude oil rates have hit a six-year low, the price of gasoline has been creeping up. Is this a sign of shadowy men in smoke-filled boardrooms conspiring to screw you over? […]

Silver ETF investments available through reputable ETP service

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Submitted By       England – 28/5/13 – The service Boost enables investors to raise capital through fluctuating silver prices.( The ETP service Boost is one of the leading players in the silver ETF (exchange traded funds) market. The service is completely independent of outside influences such as investment […]

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