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Slim down for summer: Smart swaps to stay on track

(Media Release) Losing weight is tough, but maintaining your weight loss can be even more of a challenge. When you’re focused dieting, there are rules to follow, but once you hit your goal weight, there’s no handbook for how to stay on track. Finding solutions to eating, fitness, and emotional issues takes time. Self-awareness and […]

How to invent something everyone wants

(Media Release) You’ve got an amazing idea, but nobody’s noticing. The small steps you can take to turn things around. Mary Egan had a problem that was frustratingly easy to track. Customers who signed up for the free trial of her website –, which produces interactive meal plans for families – weren’t converting to […]

13 Simple Home Health Remedies That Actually Work

Media Release 13 SIMPLE HOME HEALTH REMEDIES THAT ACTUALLY WORK Calling your doctor or hightailing it to the drugstore isn’t always an option when you’re facing a malady. And realistically, not every issue requires an appointment or a visit. That’s where your pantry and medicine cabinet come to the rescue. From athlete’s foot, to a […]

In search of the perfect sweetener

(Media Release) Too much refined sugar is blamed for a wave of obesity and ill-health, so the search is on for the perfect sweetener. But it’s not an easy task, writes Michael Mosley. I have had a love affair with sugar that has lasted all of my life. I adore the sweet stuff and in […]

Heit Enterprises LLC Launches New Products

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by   Press Release Distribution Heit Enterprises LLC has unveiled a wide range of products for the benefit of users who can now improve their Health to a great extent without a lot of hassle. ( Of course people want to make sure they are eating healthy and are at their best in […]

HJ uploaded new youtube video about weight lost in a week

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by               Press Release Distribution HJ has uploaded a new youtube video about how much weight can be lost in a week in a healthy way. ( Since the question how much weight can you lose in a week came out in most emails she received from […]

Youngevity Launches New Range

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by                 Press Release Distribution US – Youngevity has come up with an exciting range of Health products that will give the power in the hands of the users so that they can get all the nutrients required by their body and mind to function […]

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