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Euro 2016: France expels Russia far-right fan chief Shprygin

(Media Release) The far-right leader of the Russian footballer supporters’ association is being thrown out of France following violence at the England-Russia Euro 2016 match in Marseille. Alexander Shprygin is among 20 Russian fans being deported. They were detained on Tuesday while travelling from Marseille to Lille to watch Russia face Slovakia. The arrests angered […]

Is Russia exporting a new breed of football hooligan?

(Media Release) Violence has been part of Russian football for many years. Clashes inside stadiums and organised fights away from them are common. But this weekend’s mass disturbances in Marseille have thrust Russian hooliganism into the international spotlight. The Russian Football Union expressed regret over the fighting and Russia’s sports minister described those involved as […]

Islamic State militants ‘lose 22%’ of territory

(Media Release) A new analysis suggests so-called Islamic State (IS) militants have lost 22% of the territory they held in Syria and Iraq over the past 14 months. The data was compiled by research company IHS. It also estimates that IS has lost 40% of its revenue – much of it from oil – after […]

Europe hates Trump. Does it matter?

(Media Release) Invoking global opinion in the context of US elections is a fool’s errand. Perfectly understandably, voters in Paris, Pennsylvania, really don’t give a damn what voters in Paris, France, think about their political choices. And why should they? This is America’s choice, not anyone else’s. How would British voters feel if Texans weighed […]

Paris court rules against Facebook in French nudity case

(Media Release) The Paris appeal court has upheld a ruling that Facebook can be sued under French – not Californian – law. A French teacher won in the Paris high court last year, arguing that Facebook should not have suspended his account because of an erotic image on his page. Facebook appealed against that ruling […]

Artists From Around The World Converge At International Surrealism Now Project

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by This PR has been syndicated               Press Release Distribution Coimbra, Portugal – ( ) – January 14, 2016 – The next editions of International Surrealism Now will be held in United States, Mississippi at Cullis Wade Depot Art Gallery, MSU Welcome Center; it will be […]

French elections: Who really comes out smiling?

(Media Release) The French for “phew” is “ouf”, and it is a big “ouf” being heard across the country as mainstream politicians discover that the worst has not come to pass. The National Front (FN) has not built on its first-round triumph. Marine Le Pen will not be giving press conferences as president of the […]

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