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Apple Chief despite being ill took the time meeting with Barac Obama

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Steve Jobs ( recovering from a serious illness took some time to participate in a technology Summit with President Obama. Although Apple’s charismatic Chief Steve Jobs is on sick leave for an indefinite period of time, says he wants to  meet with US President Barack Obama. Together with a number of other technology-top-level […]

Microsoft-Chief promises good news.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Windows Phone ( will have the new window explorer 9 installed in 2011, as well as Twitter-access and will be able to run multiple applications at the same time. BARCELONA: It is all coming together. That was Microsoft Chief Steve Ballmers message, in his speech Monday afternoon at the year’s Edition of the world’s […]

Iran demands death penalty over opposition leaders

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Several ( Iranian politicians want the country’s opposition leaders responsible for the riots, to be brought to justice and sentenced to death. This is done in the light of Monday’s clashes between demonstrators from the opposition and the Iranian security services, where a was was killed and several injured. Large demonstrations in Tehran […]

A Russian and an Italian want to travel to planet Mars

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Two ( men are testing for a Mars mission to find out what to expect when they step out on the planet’s surface. A test mission  to the planet Mars is reaching  its final conclution when a Russian and an Italian are testing on ‘ extra-vehicular activity as part of a planed manned March mission’. […]

The Saudi King will give Mubarak billions if United States withdraws support for Egypt

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Barack Obama (Free Pr has early today discussed the situation with King Abdullah. Saudi Arabia King Abdullah is prepared to support Egypt’s President, Hosni Mubarak, if United States decides to withdraw support of Egypt. The King made it clear during a telephone conversation with the United States President, Barack Obama, writes […]

Al-Qaida calls for jihad in Egypt

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Al-Qaeda ( says to demonstrators in Egypt, that they will lead a holy war and install an Islamic Government. The militant terrorist movement al-Qa’ida calls on demonstrators in Egypt to wage holy war and install a new Government based on Islamic law. This is a report from an organization who’s job it is […]

America is unhappy with the progress in Egypt

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Americans( dissatisfied with Omar Suleimans statements that Egypt is not ready for democracy. It is a point of view, that is very unhelpful, says the White House. Vice President Joe Biden has, according to the news agency Reuters put pressure on Omar Suleiman to get him to accelerate reforms in Egypt, so […]

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