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Israel accepts Egypt proposal to end Gaza conflict

Media Release: Israel has accepted an Egyptian truce proposal for the conflict with Gaza. Hamas, which controls Gaza, is still discussing the plan, but its armed wing has rejected it as a “surrender”. Under the terms, the ceasefire should begin immediately, followed by a series of meetings in Cairo with high-level delegations from both sides. […]

Israel halts ‘Iran weapons ship’

(Media Release) Israel has intercepted a ship carrying Iranian weapons to Gaza, Israeli defence officials say. The Panamanian-flagged vessel was boarded by Israeli special naval forces in the Red Sea on Wednesday, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) said. Israel says it found rockets on board, and that it was now taking the ship back to […]

Palestinian UN vote will hurt peace, says Israel’s Regev

Israel says a vote upgrading the Palestinian status at the United Nations is “negative political theatre” that will “hurt peace”. Government spokesman Mark Regev said the move had taken Palestinians and Israelis out of a negotiating process. The General Assembly voted resoundingly to recognise the Palestinians as a non-member observer state on Thursday. The Palestinians […]

Gaza crisis: Palestinians back on streets as truce holds

People in Gaza have been attempting to return to normal life as a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, in effect since Wednesday, appears to be holding. A number of rockets were fired from Gaza in the first few hours of the truce, but Israel did not respond. However, Israeli schools close to the Gaza Strip […]

Gaza crisis: Israel ground invasion plan ‘on hold’

Israel has put plans for a ground operation in Gaza “on hold” to give talks to secure a truce with Hamas militants a chance, officials say. It is understood Israel has set a Thursday deadline for the Egypt-brokered talks to succeed. The conflict began last Wednesday when Israel killed a top Hamas military commander, saying […]

The latest Gaza catastrophe

Many aspects of the current assault on Gaza pass under the radar screens of world conscience. The media double standards in the West on the new and tragic Israeli escalation of violence directed at Gaza were epitomised by an absurdly partisan New York Times front page headline: “Rockets Target Jerusalem; Israel girds for Gaza Invasion” (NYT, Nov […]

Gaza crisis: Egyptians back under-fire Palestinians

Egyptian leaders have promised to support Gaza against Israeli attacks, as violence escalated for a third day. President Mohammed Mursi said he would not leave Gaza on its own and condemned Israel’s “blatant aggression”, hours after his prime minister visited Gaza. Israel mounted a huge attack overnight, targeting dozens of locations. Later, Gaza militants targeted […]

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