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Is Russia exporting a new breed of football hooligan?

(Media Release) Violence has been part of Russian football for many years. Clashes inside stadiums and organised fights away from them are common. But this weekend’s mass disturbances in Marseille have thrust Russian hooliganism into the international spotlight. The Russian Football Union expressed regret over the fighting and Russia’s sports minister described those involved as […]

Rear View Mirror: a sophisticated blog collection from a nomadic traveler

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by               Press Release Distribution Andrea Anastasakis is living the life that many of us have dreamed about. ( Born in Australia, she has lived in London, Paris and now Budapest. At the age of 20, Anastasakis embarked on a six-month, around-the-world journey and she hasn’t stopped traveling […]

Q&A on why seats at Olympic venues are empty

Seats have been left empty at the Olympic Games despite high demand when tickets were sold through a public ballot. Some are becoming available to buy or take up. Why? And how to get them? Why are there empty seats at the Olympics? Criticism has erupted as seats at the Olympic Games have been left […]

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