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Wiegand OUT Support with Matrix

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by   Press Release Distribution Organizations are shifting to biometric technology for user identification and verification due to many security and cost advantages as compared to the traditional RFID solutions. However, many times they hesitate to change their backend like Access Control panel and software because of the product and installation costs […]

The anatomy of a nation-state hack attack

(Media Release) Cyber-security is not all about cyber-thieves. It is about cyber-spies too. Mixed in among the spam, phishing messages and booby-trapped emails that land in your inbox might be the odd message crafted by hackers working for a government rather than a group of criminals. Unfortunately, those messages are not odd in any other […]

Problems Riddle Moves to Collect Credit Card Debt

The same problems that plagued the foreclosure process — and prompted a multibillion-dollar settlement with big banks — are now emerging in the debt collection practices of credit card companies. As they work through a glut of bad loans, companies like American Express,Citigroup and Discover Financial are going to court to recoup their money. But many of […]

Rate Scandal Stirs Scramble for Damages

As unemployment climbed and tax revenue fell, the city of Baltimore laid off employees and cut services in the midst of the financial crisis. Its leaders now say the city’s troubles were aggravated by bankers’ manipulation of a key interest rate linked to hundreds of millions of dollars the city had borrowed. Baltimore has been […]

The stupidest fees of 2011

When it comes to outrageous fees imposed on consumers, these are some of the worst — whether it’s a charge for ending pay-TV service or a fee to deposit a lot of cash. A lot of companies tried to hit you with stupid fees in 2011. There were baggage fees for travelers, resort fees for […]

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