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US to deploy missiles in South Korea as North riled

(Media Release) The United States is to deploy an advanced missile defence system in South Korea, the two sides said Friday, as North Korea warned the latest US sanctions against its leader amounted to a “declaration of war”. Russia warned Friday that the US deployment would have “irreparable consequences”, echoing warnings by China of a […]

Massive N.Korea cyber attack thwarted after hacking S.Korea – report

(Media Release) North Korea has hacked into more than 140,000 computers at large South Korean conglomerates and government agencies and planted malicious codes that may have been intended for a massive cyber attack that has been thwarted, a news report said on Monday. The hacking originated from an internet address traced to the North Korean […]

North Korea says Trump isn’t screwy at all, a wise choice for president

(Media Release) North Korea has backed presumptive U.S. Republican nominee Donald Trump, with a propaganda website praising him as “a prescient presidential candidate” who can liberate Americans living under daily fear of nuclear attack by the North. A column carried on Tuesday by DPRK Today, one of the reclusive and dynastic state’s mouthpieces, described Trump […]

Detained and interrogated for 10 hours in North Korea

(Media Release) The BBC’s Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was last week expelled from North Korea and forced to apologise for his reporting. He was held incommunicado for 10 hours and interrogated. Here he gives his first account of what happened. After a week in North Korea I was more than ready to go home. The trip, to […]

Is North Korea finally close to collapse?

(Media Release) Predictions of an imminent demise of the Kim regime in Pyongyang have so far failed to come true. But are powerful sanctions taking their toll and leading to more defections and unrest in the North? For decades, politicians, policy experts and analysts have been predicting the imminent implosion of the North Korean regime, […]

A dangerous world we live in: N. Korea, on defense after sanctions, makes nuclear threat

(Media Release) SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his military on standby for nuclear strikes at any time, state media reported Friday, an escalation in rhetoric targeting rivals Seoul and Washington that may not yet reflect the country’s actual nuclear capacity. The threats are part of the authoritarian government’s ramped-up […]

North Korea may be preparing for rocket launch – US

(Media Release) North Korea may be preparing a rocket launch, US officials say, citing increased activity around the Sohae Satellite Launching Station. One official told the AFP news agency that the launch might be “for a satellite or a space vehicle”. But nothing indicated it would be for a ballistic missile, the official added. It […]

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