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Sydney Law Firm Becomes More Accessible with Responsive Site

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by             Press Release Distribution Sydney Law Firm, Boyce Family Law chose Adelaide web design and digital marketing agency, Growth Worx, to launch a new responsive website. The prime purpose of the new site is to highlight the firm’s expertise and services to a mobile audience. The […]

A question for Indian men: What does your wife do?

(Media Release) Many years ago I was travelling on an assignment for the BBC. I boarded an overnight train, found my berth and began to settle down for my journey. The man sitting opposite me struck up a conversation asking where I was travelling, what part of India I was from, what I did. Then […]

Relationship Expert Says “Like Yourself – Like Your Marriage”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submission           Press Release Distribution Mora, MN (USA), October 22, 2014 — Lisa Cassman, a licensedcounselor, author, ordained minister and speaker, says men and womenneed to learn how to like themselves. She says liking yourself makesall the difference in any relationship, especially marriage. Sherecently wrote her second […]

No country for single women

(Media Release) For many young people, India is a land of opportunity. Male or female, if you’re well educated and resourceful there’s the chance of a well-paid career. Just one problem, says Suruchi Sharma – if you’re a woman, you must marry by your mid-20s. “Single? Why, what’s your age?” “28” “Okay, that’s too bad. […]

Save Your Marriage With Little Tough Tips On Marriage, a Free eBook by Taka Sande

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submission Press Release Distribution Putting your marriage relationship where it belongs! This is what this book is about! Taka Sande has released a free eBook on practical marriage titled Little Tough Tips On Marriage. Little Tough Tips On Marriage is a 2013 book crucial for married couples, single people […]

The UK’s Falling Divorce Rate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Submitted By       England 12/08/2013 – After years of increasing divorce rates, the UK has finally seen a significant drop in the number of people who are filing for divorce. ( The latest figures show that since 2010 the number of divorces in England or Wales has fallen by 1.7%. […]

Benefits of Choosing Best Corporate Catering Services

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Submitted By       A company event may take place in a boardroom or in a small break room. A party may be thrown by an administrator of a hospital or by a boss of a hardware or software company for his or her staff in your hospital or […]

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