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20% of Donald Trump’s campaign spending goes to Trump businesses, filing says

(Media Release) Donald Trump’s campaign is almost broke, and is paying an unusual amount of money to Trump-owned businesses. That’s according to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s FEC filing, details of which were released Monday night. The report provided a number of rather shocking facts, including that his campaign raised just $3.1 million in May […]

What an Obama endorsement will mean for Hillary

(Media Release) Barack Obama is about to tell Bernie Sanders that the revolution stops now. On Tuesday evening Mr Obama called Hillary Clinton to congratulate her on securing enough delegates to “clinch” the Democratic nomination. He also called Bernie Sanders to thank him for his hard-fought campaign. At the Vermont senator’s request, the two will […]

US election: Why has Trump caught Clinton in the polls?

(Media Release) For the first time in this long election campaign, Republican Donald Trump has pulled ahead of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the RealClearPolitics average of national polls. Mrs Clinton’s double-digit lead, which she has held over the past several months, has vanished – and with it, apparently, Democrats’ dreams of a transformational 2016 victory […]

Why war with Iran would spell disaster

US politicians are ratcheting up calls for war without being honest with the public about what it would really mean. After a decade of exhausting and demoralizing conflict between the United States and two of the weakest, most impoverished countries in the world, Iraq and Afghanistan, many within the US political establishment are calling for the country […]

Mitt Romney ‘Shellshocked’ After Lost Election, Adviser Says

WASHINGTON — As Republicans search for reasons why they came up short in Tuesday’s elections, anonymous Mitt Romney advisers have described what it was like to be with the former governor as he came to terms with his loss. “He was shellshocked,” one adviser told CBS News. Another unnamed senior adviser explained that as returns came […]

Barack Obama wins election for second term as president

President Barack Obama handily defeated Gov. Mitt Romney and won himself a second term on Tuesday after a bitter and historically expensive race that was primarily fought in just a handful of battleground states. Obama beat Romney after nabbing almost every one of the 12 crucial battleground states. The Romney campaign’s last-ditch attempt to put […]

Mitt Romney’s dwindling ‘diner’ supporters

Ma and Pa’s Diner in Virginia is in a squat building by the highway – a place close enough to the airport to make it an anonymous hangout for travelling types. But it’s actually a neighbourhood joint. The counter is wooden; the jukebox is broken. There are five or six tables in booths, around the […]

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