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Safe Harbour: Tech firms shudder as watchdogs meet

(Media Release) A meeting of EU data watchdogs is set to have wide-ranging ramifications for the way businesses handle data. Regulators need to decide how to act in light of a court ruling last year that invalidated the Safe Harbour agreement with the US. The pact made it relatively easy for companies to send personal […]

Facebook privacy campaign advances after EU court opinion

(Media Release) A privacy campaigner has scored a legal victory that could bolster his attempts to prevent Facebook from being able to pass EU citizens’ data to the US authorities. An opinion issued by the European Court of Justice says that current data-sharing rules between the 28-nation bloc and the US are “invalid”. The decision […]

Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance

(Media Release) Americans should give Edward Snowden a medal, if not for him nobody would know. MOSCOW — TWO years ago today, three journalists and I worked nervously in a Hong Kong hotel room, waiting to see how the world would react to the revelation that the National Security Agency had been making records of […]

Questions and answers about newly approved USA Freedom Act

(Media Release) WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has signed into law the USA Freedom Act, which extends three expiring surveillance provisions of the 9-11-era USA Patriot Act. It also overhauls the most controversial provision, which had been interpreted to allow bulk collection of U.S. phone records by the National Security Agency. Questions and answers about […]

NSA and GCHQ agents ‘leak Tor bugs’, alleges developer

(Media Release) British and American intelligence agents attempting to hack the “dark web” are being deliberately undermined by colleagues, it has been alleged. Spies from both countries have been working on finding flaws in Tor, a popular way of anonymously accessing “hidden” sites. But the team behind Tor says other spies are tipping them off, […]

Edward Snowden: I was a high-tech spy for the CIA and NSA

(Media release) Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has described himself as a trained spy specializing in electronic surveillance, dismissing claims he was a mere low-level analyst. In an interview with NBC, he reiterated that he had worked undercover overseas for the CIA and NSA. He said the US got better intelligence from computers than […]

Cisco calls for curb on NSA surveillance efforts

(Media Release) The NSA’s wide-ranging surveillance programme should be curtailed, says hardware-maker Cisco in a letter to President Obama. Cisco boss John Chambers said faith in US technology companies was being eroded by the NSA’s activities. The letter comes after whistleblowers revealed the NSA regularly intercepted Cisco hardware to help it gather information on potential […]

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