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The Collection, UB City to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Laughter, Music and Dance

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by               Press Release Distribution Bangalore, India, February 11, 2016 — Roses, gifts and romantic candlelight dinners have become the standard fare for Valentine’s Day, but The Collection, UB City has plans to make this year’s Valentine’s Day extra special for all Bangaloreans by extending the […]

Edward Snowden: I was a high-tech spy for the CIA and NSA

(Media release) Fugitive US intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has described himself as a trained spy specializing in electronic surveillance, dismissing claims he was a mere low-level analyst. In an interview with NBC, he reiterated that he had worked undercover overseas for the CIA and NSA. He said the US got better intelligence from computers than […]

Introducing Garbanzo: A Bright Star in the Motion Graphics Design Business

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Submitted By             Are you looking for a full service Broadcast Design Studio, motion graphics and visual effects production company in New York City? Look no further than Garbanzo. Wes Townsend, founder and creative director at Garbanzo, is now offering over a decade of post-production, […]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Press Release Submitted By         Throughout the United Kingdom businesses of every type, size, location and industry share one potentially hazardous and disruptive problem – unwelcome guests in the shape of birds, insects and rodents. Nature may intend that the crawling, flying, jumping and skittering species have a role […]

The world news: Fracas on JetBlue Flight Shows Gap in Screening

The world news: Airplane cockpits are meant to be the last line of defense from outside aggressors. But what if the threat comes from the cockpit itself? On Tuesday, a JetBlue pilot who was behaving erratically was physically restrained by passengers after his co-pilot locked him out of the cockpit. With chaos in the cabin, the plane, flying […]

When did the middle finger become offensive?

An American television network has apologised after pop star M.I.A. extended her middle finger during Sunday night’s Super Bowl halftime show. What does the gesture mean, and when did it become offensive? A public intellectual, expressing his contempt for a gas-bag politician, reaches for a familiar gesture. He extends his middle finger and declares: “This […]

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