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People, ever more greedy and stupid, destroy the world – Stephen Hawking to Larry King

(Media Release) Global warming, mass shootings, global instability and overpopulation are all concerns humanity faces, but what is the greatest risk to all of us? Larry King asked scientific genius Stephen Hawking, who explained that there is a lot to be worried about. King last spoke to Hawking six years ago, when Hawking said: “Mankind […]

Viewpoint: Why blood transfusions are still giving Indians HIV

(Media Report) A recent news report on HIV transmission through blood transfusion in India has been the cause of much controversy. According to information revealed by the country’s National Aids Control Organisation (Naco) in response to a petition filed by an information activist, 2,234 Indians have contracted HIV while receiving blood transfusions in hospitals in […]

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment for Men Launches on the Web

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by               Press Release Distribution Male pattern balding and hair loss is an unfortunate reality for many males, and something which can cause a decrease in confidence and perception. Baldness can be caused by poor genes, nutrition, or environmental factors, but it is not a condition […]

US sees sharp rise in newborns with opiate withdrawal

The number of babies born in the US showing symptoms of opiate withdrawal increased threefold in the 10 years up to 2009, a medical study has found. The research, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, said one in every 1,000 newborns was affected in 2009. The number of pregnant women testing positive for illegal […]

How Companies Learn Your Secrets

Andrew Pole had just started working as a statistician for Target in 2002, when two colleagues from the marketing department stopped by his desk to ask an odd question: “If we wanted to figure out if a customer is pregnant, even if she didn’t want us to know, can you do that? ” Pole has […]

How Much Does Birth Order Control Our Lives?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE United States ( November 23, 2010 – There are lots of expectations and assumptions about how birth order may shape our adult lives, and many of them go back ages. Centuries ago, the oldest son had huge incentives to stay on track and live up to family expectations — that’s because, by […]

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