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Revealed: the $2bn offshore trail that leads to Vladimir Putin

(Media Release) A network of secret offshore deals and vast loans worth $2bn has laid a trail to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin. An unprecedented leak of documents shows how this money has made members of Putin’s close circle fabulously wealthy. Though the president’s name does not appear in any of the records, the data reveals […]

What do we know about Putin’s family?

(Media Release) Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in the public eye virtually non-stop since succeeding Boris Yeltsin as head of state in 2000, yet his personal and family life remains an area of conjecture. It is known he is divorced from his ex-wife Lyudmila with whom he has two daughters. But, Putin is never […]

Alexander Litvinenko accused Vladimir Putin of being a pedophile months before he was poisoned

(Media Release) Sir Robert Owen’s inquiry looked at the former FSB agent’s “highly personal attacks” on the Russian President, which culminated with an article on the Chechenpress website in July 2006, four months before he was poisoned. Mr Litvinenko’s article, which was published as evidence in the report, started by recounting a meeting between Mr […]

How Russia’s ‘troll factory’ pumps out online propaganda

                (Media Release) Russian blogger Marat Burkhard told Radio Free Europe that working in an infamous “troll factory” generating fake internet posts and comments was “Orwellian.” “Whatever we’re told, that’s what we’ll write about, no questions asked, and we don’t want to know.” Using the word “absurd” no […]

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