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Ukraine’s Poroshenko warns of ‘full-scale’ Russia invasion

(Media Release) President Petro Poroshenko has told MPs the military must prepare to defend against a possible “full-scale invasion” from Russia, amid a surge of violence in eastern Ukraine. Russia has denied that its military is involved in Ukraine, but Mr Poroshenko said 9,000 of its troops were deployed. Clashes involving tanks took place in […]

Russia Launches Next Deadly Phase of Hybrid War on Ukraine

(Media Release) Pushing his baby daughter in a pram in front of him, 37-year-old Dmitriy Komyakov paused as marchers ahead adjusted their positions around a huge Ukrainian flag. It was a bright day in Kharkiv, Ukraine‚Äôs second largest city. A good day for the hundreds in attendance to celebrate one year since Euromaidan demonstrators ousted […]

How Russia’s ‘troll factory’ pumps out online propaganda

                (Media Release) Russian blogger Marat Burkhard told Radio Free Europe that working in an infamous “troll factory” generating fake internet posts and comments was “Orwellian.” “Whatever we’re told, that’s what we’ll write about, no questions asked, and we don’t want to know.” Using the word “absurd” no […]

Ukraine crisis: Nato to bolster Eastern Europe against Russia

  (Media Release) Nato is set to announce details of a plan to bolster the alliance’s military presence in Eastern Europe in response to continued fighting in Ukraine. The bloc’s chief says it will be the biggest reinforcement of its collective defence since the end of the Cold War. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State John […]

Ukraine conflict: Is Russia stoking war or pushing peace?

(Media Release) Barely a week ago, there were hopes of an international peace summit for eastern Ukraine. Now, with fighting around Donetsk reaching an intensity not seen for a long time, the chances of such a breakthrough look increasingly slim. Russia’s deputy foreign minister talked on Monday of “serious consequences for Ukrainian statehood” following a […]

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