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Sublime Galleria Presents Berserk 2014

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submission         Press Release Distribution The second edition of the 3-Day Residential Arts Conference getsunderway, with auditions between 5 & 9th August 2014.Bangalore, India, August 04, 2014 — ‘Berserk 2014’ – the 3-dayResidential Art Conference for children is back with its 2nd edition.Launched in 2013 by Sublime […]

The 5 worst things you can do on the internet

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE There ( is no reason to be afraid to use the social networks frequently; there is of cause the risk of hackers, viruses and spam, that cannot be overlooked. Nevertheless, there are good reasons to think about what you can or can’t do, for example, the ten things you should avoid. Facebook and privacy. […]

Microsoft-Chief promises good news.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Windows Phone ( will have the new window explorer 9 installed in 2011, as well as Twitter-access and will be able to run multiple applications at the same time. BARCELONA: It is all coming together. That was Microsoft Chief Steve Ballmers message, in his speech Monday afternoon at the year’s Edition of the world’s […]

A Cyclone with Hurricane Katrina like power is on the way to Australia

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A ( cyclone will in a few days with great force slam into Queensland in Australia, who is already suffered from huge floods. This was reported by the Australian meteorological service. Major ports were closed on Monday in the Australian State, and in particularly vulnerable areas the tourists were evacuated. This is a […]

With darkness comes insecurity and fear in Cairo.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Breaking Story CAIRO: ( Mohamed is smiling. The two metres high man has a natural ability to calm and inspire peace  to people around him, this is a good ability to have as he works  as a doctor in a public hospital, in the Egyptian capital. There have been so many people needing to […]

A young Boy trigger a suicide bomb taking 4 others with him

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A ( teenage boy wearing a suicide  west with several kilos of explosives, took four other with him in death, when he detonated his bomb in North-West Pakistan. Among the victims is a local police Chief, who was on the routine patrol, on the outskirts of Peshawar. Also his bodyguard and driver […]

Microsoft Window 8 Unveiled In Las Vegas

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Microsoft’s ( top boss Steve Ballmer attending the world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. He could, among other things tell about Windows future. In front of several thousand journalists and other interested people Microsoft head Steve Ballmer unveiled Microsoft’s plans and showed a small slide of the next version […]

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