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Turkey ‘needs to fulfil deal’ to gain visa-free EU travel

(Media Release) A deal to allow Turks visa-free travel within Europe will collapse if Turkey does not fulfil its commitments, the European Commission president has said. Jean-Claude Juncker said changes to Turkey‘s laws on terrorism were one of a number of conditions that needed to be met for visa liberalisation. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has […]

Missiles hit hospital in Syrian town

(Media Release) Missiles hit hospital in Syrian town At least 14 civilians were killed when missiles hit a children’s hospital, a school and other locations in the rebel-held Syrian town of Azaz near the Turkish border, a medic and two residents say. They say at least five missiles hit the hospital in the town centre […]

Putin: Turkey ‘will regret’ downing Russian bomber in Syria

(Media Release) Russian President Vladimir Putin has castigated Turkey’s leaders, warning that they will regret shooting down a Russian Su-24 bomber in Syria. In a state of the nation speech, broadcast live on Russian television, he said that “if anyone thinks Russia’s reaction will be limited to trade sanctions, they are deeply mistaken”. “We’ll remind […]

Amid the ruins of Syria, is Bashar al-Assad now finally facing the end?

(Media Release) One evening at the end of March, a Syrian rebel leader returned from a meeting across the border in Turkey and called an urgent gathering of his commanders. The five men turned up at their boss’s house in Idlib province expecting to receive the same pleas for patience that they had always heard […]

Turkey’s fear of a reignited Kurdish flame

(Media Release) Could Turkey be about to return to the bad old days of armed conflict with the Kurds? Troops on the streets, curfews for the first time in 22 years, protests in almost 30 cities and state buildings attacked – the situation is dangerous and escalating fast. Some of the fighting is among Kurds, […]

Turkey downs Syria military jet ‘in airspace violation’

(Media Release) Turkish forces have shot down a Syrian military jet they say was violating their airspace despite warnings. Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned such action by Syria merited a “heavy response”. But Syria accused Turkey of “blatant aggression”, saying the plane had been over Syrian territory at the time. The incident reportedly […]

Turkey warns Syria of stronger response over shelling

Turkey’s top military commander has warned Syria that it will respond with greater force if it continues its cross-border shelling. Five Turkish civilians were killed by Syrian mortar fire last week, prompting Turkey to fire into Syria for the first time since the uprising began. Meanwhile, activists report that Syria has sent extra troops to […]

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