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Region in turmoil Is it ‘game over’ in Yemen?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Aljazeera) Since ( snipers killed 52 Yemeni protesters a little over a week ago, events in the country have been progressing at a rapid rate. The shootings after Friday prayers drew nationwide condemnation and triggered a series of high profile defections – all of which served to increase the pressure on Ali Abdullah […]

Syria’s Bashar al-Assad has been struck by freedom flu

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (The Guardian)( fear factor that has kept Syrians in check is failing. Assad will have to move fast to avoid the circling political vultures Albert Camus, were he alive, would have understood the upheavals sweeping the Arab world. In La Peste (The Plague), the French-Algerian author and philosopher explored through allegory the deep-seated […]

Top army commanders defect in Yemen

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Aljazeera) Several ( top Yemeni army commanders have declared their support for anti-government protesters seeking the resignation of the country’s president, Ali Abdullah Saleh. Major General Ali Mohsen Saleh, the head of the north western military zone and the head of the first armoured division, said on Monday that he had deployed army units to protect […]

Bahrain king declares state of emergency after protest.

The violence in Bahrain continues with no end in sight From BBC NewsThe ( king of Bahrain has declared a three-month state of emergency, state TV reports, following weeks of pro-democracy protests in the kingdom. It comes a day after troops from neighbouring Gulf states were sent to Bahrain to help deal with the unrest. Protesters […]

The sultan of Oman is challenged for the third day of demonstrations.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The ( sultan of Oman is challenged on the third day of demonstrations A Supermarket and police station was burned down, and the protests will continue.  Earlier today several buildings were set on fire in the town of Sohar in the northern part of Oman. Also cars, a police station, private houses, and […]

Muammar Gaddafi urges parents to keep the children at home.

Muammar Gaddafi speech news distribution

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Take( of your kids. Keep them at home Muammar Gaddafi gave a speech yesterday, to the people over the phone to the State owned TV company in Libya. He believes al Qaeda is behind the uprising, and warns against the trigger happy, doped up older children with machine guns. It […]

At least four killed after police attack demonstrators in Bahrain

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Four ( demonstrators have lost their lives, when the police without warning started shooting indiscriminately at the demonstrators in the night. The fighting continues around the capital Manama, Bahrain, after police in the night, attacks sleeping demonstrators with tear gas and plastic bullets. The demonstrators in the Perle square in Bahrain, capital was […]

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