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Iranians are angry about big bonuses paid to bureaucrats

(Media Release) How much can you earn working for the Iranian state? That question is trending online in Iran, after the payslips of several employees were leaked online and published by several media outlets. They showed not just inflated salaries, but what appear to be bonuses, interest-free loans and significant overtime payments. In one instance, […]

‘Great Satan’ USA & ‘evil’ Britain not to be trusted – Iran’s leader

(Media Release) Iran’s supreme leader says Iranians should not trust the US and other “small and big enemies” of the country during commemorations of his predecessor, who led the country through the 1979 Islamic Revolution. “We have many small and big enemies, but foremost among them are America and this very evil Britain,” Supreme Leader […]

How Iran’s ‘election oven’ went into meltdown

(Media Release) The results of two important elections in Iran are being announced and they are nothing short of a major surprise. The picture in Tehran, the capital, is crystal clear. The pro-government parties pulled off a sweeping victory in the parliamentary election, winning all 30 seats in the capital, a humiliating total wipe out […]

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