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US Congressmen: Drop baggage fees to cut airport congestion

(Media Release) Amen to that, we at free-pr-online agree wholeheartedly with dropping fees for baggage, the fees should never have been implemented in the first place. Two US senators have urged airlines to temporarily stop charging passengers baggage fees in an effort to speed up security queues. Senators Richard Blumenthal and Edward Markey said passengers […]

How The Russian Hacker Behind SpyEye Was Taken Down

(Media Release) For two years, SpyEye was the world’s most destructive piece of malware targeting banks and financial institutions, infecting over 50 million PCs and causing estimated damage of $1 billion. The malware, created by a young Russian hacker who liked to brag of its malevolence, was secretly installed on victims’ computers, spread via spam emails and malicious websites, and worked by […]

Nationwide Debt Direct Announces YouTube Channel

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by   Press Release Distribution Already known for its widespread presence on social media platforms and the ease with which clients are able to communicate with the company, Nationwide Debt Direct is announcing the addition of a YouTube channel. The new channel is intended to offer prospective clients relevant company information while […]

How to Make Airport Connections Work to Your Advantage

(Media Release) Few people like airports and most people like connecting flights even less. If we have the choice, most of us would choose a direct flight over even 1 stop, never mind 2 or even 3 connecting flights. The fact that you need to stop in another airport, disembark, then get through airport security […]

US enhanced airport security checks target electronics

(Media Release) American officials have ordered some overseas airports with direct flights to the US to intensify screening of electronic devices. Transport officials said in a statement passengers could be asked to switch on devices, and equipment that does not power up would not be allowed on board. An official told the BBC that London’s Heathrow was […]

9 Health Risks that Aren’t Worth Taking

1. Holding your cell phone up to your ear. Although the overall risk is still very low, research suggests that people who have spent the past decade or more frequently talking on their cell phones in the traditional way are more likely to develop brain tumors. John Walls, a spokesperson for industry trade group CTIA: […]

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