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N. Korea Steals U.S. Fighter Blueprints

(Media Release) North Korean hackers reportedly infiltrated a computer network belonging to a South Korean aerospace firm’s computer network and made off with blueprints for the F-15 Eagle—the American-designed jet fighter that forms the backbone of the U.S. and South Korean air forces. But don’t panic quite yet. There’s not much Pyongyang’s engineers can actually […]

Will Orlando shooting swing election for Trump?

(Media Release) Conversations in which Democrat Hillary Clinton is advanced as the odds-on favourite to win the US presidency usually contain an explicit or implicit “but”. Yes, Mrs Clinton has built-in advantages in electoral maths and organisation and Donald Trump’s controversial views and propensity for wandering woefully off-message are political liabilities – but what if […]

In Donald Trump’s Rise, Allies See New American Approach

(Media Release) WASHINGTON — Shocked by Donald J. Trump’s grip on the Republican presidential nomination, world leaders are wrestling with the possibility that, even if he loses the general election, his ascent reflects a strain of American public opinion that could profoundly reshape the way the United States addresses security alliances and trade. From Beijing, […]

Violent Uproar in Afghanistan Casts Shadow on U.S. Pullout

WASHINGTON — American officials sought to reassure bothAfghanistan’s government and a domestic audience on Sunday that the United States remained committed to the war after the weekendkilling of two American military officers inside the Afghan Interior Ministry and days of deadly anti-American protests. But behind the public pronouncements, American officials described a growing concern, even at […]

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