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How to save a lot of money on gasoline

(Media Release) In four minutes, you can improve your car’s fuel economy by 4%. Back in 2008, during one of the more memorable exchanges in the US Presidential race between then-Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain centred on offshore drilling — its value to the American nation, or lack thereof. Sen Obama took an […]

Anuva Technologies Named To List of Top 20 Mobile App Companies For 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by         Press Release Distribution Pune INDIA, 09-OCTOBER-2015 – Anuva Technologies and its CEO Hemal Desai are pleased to announce that the company has been named as one of Silicon India’s 20 Most Promising Mobile App Companies – 2015. The firm has overcome typical start-up problems such as limited […]

Questions and answers about newly approved USA Freedom Act

(Media Release) WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has signed into law the USA Freedom Act, which extends three expiring surveillance provisions of the 9-11-era USA Patriot Act. It also overhauls the most controversial provision, which had been interpreted to allow bulk collection of U.S. phone records by the National Security Agency. Questions and answers about […]

Netanyahu’s ‘chutzpah’ rocks Capitol and riles Obama

(Media Release) There’s an old saying that something is “about as welcome as a bacon sandwich at a Barmitzvah”. It’s probably not the correct metaphor to describe Barack Obama’s feelings about Bibi’s presence in Congress today, but it will do. Just as negotiations with Iran are at their most delicate stage, in comes Bibi to […]

2 Blue Ducks Welcomes Milestone Baby Cards Into Canada; Commemorate Each New Step of Your Baby’s Life

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submission             Press Release Distribution Mark each unique occasion with Milestone Baby Cards, launching this January at the Toronto Gift Fair booth #11513 Hall 11 (Congress Centre). Toronto, Canada, December 28, 2013 — A baby’s first year is filled with endless milestones, proud parental […]

Should New Limits Be Put on N.S.A. Surveillance?

(Media Release) Re “U.S. and Britain Extended Spying to 1,000 Targets” (front page, Dec. 21): The National Security Agency scandal is not the mass violation of our privacy that the news media claims. First, the telephone data stored on N.S.A. computers is limited to logging when and where calls were made, not the content of […]

Pentagon Lays Out Options for U.S. Military Effort in Syria

WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has provided Congress with its first detailed list of military options to stem the bloody civil war in Syria, suggesting that a campaign to tilt the balance from President Bashar al-Assad to the opposition would be a vast undertaking, costing billions of dollars, and could backfire on the United States. The list […]

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