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Pentagon to increase number of US troops in Iraq; Carter discusses ‘accelerating’ ISIS campaign

(Media Release) The US plans to increase the number of troops in Iraq as it seeks to “accelerate” its campaign to “crush” Islamic State in the region, the Pentagon chief said. Ash Carter met with his French partner seeking ways to bring Arab states “in the game,” too. Aside from his bilateral meeting with his […]

Israeli minister warns of 30-day war with Iran

A strike on Iran’s nuclear sites would spark a 30-day war with missile attacks on Israel’s cities and as many as 500 dead, according to the Israeli minister responsible for preparing home defences. Matan Vilnai, who is stepping down as home front defence minister to become ambassador to China, said the country was “ready as […]

F-22 fighter jets face more Pentagon safety rules

The Pentagon has issued further safety procedures for its most advanced fighter jet after pilots complained of oxygen shortages during flights. The rules include limiting the distance F-22 planes can travel from airstrips. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta did not rule out grounding the jets again if necessary. The Air Force banned its F-22s from flying […]

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