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Is the US presidential race ‘rigged’?

(Media Release) The United States may be a democracy, but the party presidential nomination process – upon closer inspection – is hardly a shining beacon of democratic light. For most of US history, party nominees have been decided by political power brokers and deal-makers behind closed doors. Parties operate like private clubs – they make […] Launched Aluminium Racing Radiators for High-Speed Racing Cars

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Free Press Release Submitted by       Press Release Distribution USA –, a tech company that finds its niche in automobile engine radiator manufacturing, recently came up with Aluminium Racing Radiators that can withstand the asperities of long-haul car racing, something that do not usually come from the house of leading automobile manufacturers. The experts, […]

‘Anti-Facebook’ platform Ello attracts thousands

(Media Release) Social media network Ello is currently receiving up to 31,000 requests an hour from people wishing to join its platform. It was initially designed to just be used by about 90 friends of its founder Paul Budnitz. But the bike shop owner, from the US state of Vermont, opened it to others on […]

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